Thank you!

The exhibition was opened succesfully and now it’s time to say thank you to:

Nadine Eberspächer is the expert on social media. Nadine, thanks for your time and the exciting talks we had while brainstorming and hammering out a concept for components. You helped greatly in bringing components on its track.

Dagmar Martin is component’s press-texter. Thank you Dagmar for your support in texting, translating, and motivating to keep going. You were also a great help in putting the exhibition’s hundreds of items together. You were a great support to us.

Juliana Lima Dehne is a great talent in languages and patiently teaches me English. Thank you Juliana for your support when texting and translating. Christian Lima Dehne is an expert on sorting. He knows all components-participants by name and can match every single one with their individual quote. Thank you, Christian for assisting in putting components together. And thank you, DehneLimaFilm for regularly promoting componentsas well as being there at the opening-night on the 11th May in Austria. I wish you much success with the fantastic movie “Over Lunch”

Christiane Osayi, you are a great friend!! Thank you for your support and your help in putting the exhibition parts together. Thank you for coming to the opening-night, all the way from Germany. It was great to have you there.

Ulla Keienburg*, we have never met in person, and yet we built up a wonderful social-media-friendship. Thank you Ulla (ullakeienburg) for making components known. Man friends from your network have become participants of components. Thank for getting to know you via Milena from Prague.

Thank you Renate Milena Findeis , for the frequent promotion of components in your network. You were a great support. It was wonderful to meet you in Vienna and I am sure, further meetings will follow. I am especially happy that participants of „Zeitzug“ are now participants of components, too.

Marcelo Lima, artist and professor of history of art, living and teaching in Dubai for more than five years. Marcelo supported components and wrote about it in his online-magazines the panoptikon   and in Malazartes. 
Thank you Marcelo and I wish you great success with your new book.

Elvira Souza Lima, she is Researcher in human development and neuroscience applied in education. Founder of the “Writing for All” (Escrita para Todos) Program that promotes and fosters the right and capability that every child has of learning how to read and write…
Thank you Elvira for following components’ progress, your frequent likes and your motivation.

Sanne Kurz, an excellent camera operator is one of the first participants in components. Thank you Sanne for your active support and promoting components. 

Mareike Naumann from Amsterdam makes wonderful and valuable things from old things. Thank you Mareike for your motivation and the wonderful necklace.

Maren Martschenko, marketing-adviser, concentrates on the essential points. Thank you Maren for your wonderful blog, the interview and your support.

Thanks go also to my former colleagues from the Goethe-Institut, also to Wolfgang Fischer of City Partner München, to Pia Weskamp for very helpful advise and to Catherine Avak for your ideas and your graphic-design-expertise.

And…Horst, my husband, webdesigner and my expert on German and English. Horst, without you, components would not exist. You were always available for help, you designed the website, translated texts and, above all, assisted in setting up the exhibition. We are simply a great team.

And thanks to everybody who have supported the project, who kept up the motivation and who took part.


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  1. Christiane Osayi says:

    It is great to have creative and wonderful friends like you 🙂 and I liked to help you to follow your vision!

  2. Wow thats fantastic to see ..well done . So cool to be a part of your vision, : )

  3. you`re welcome!!! 🙂

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